About Me

everydayMOM what?

So, everyday moms nap(s)? (She loves to take naps.)Or everydayMOM snaps? (As in, she gets angry?)

Or everyday mom snaps? (She snaps everyday? And sometimes she even claps.)

Actually, everydayMOM snaps photos… well, almost everyday. 😉



About everydayMOM

As a stay-at-home mom, I often do the same things over and over: I empty the dishwasher. I sort the laundry. I cook the mac n cheese. Everyday. And in all of those moments that seem so mundane, I have lots and lots of Moments of Meaning. Often with my kids or my husband, or a friend. That’s what makes me not just an ordinary mom, but an everydayMOM (Moments of Meaning) mom. I add a little of my job skills to my life as a mom by trying to create order in our often chaotic lives. I know that my work DOES matter because I’m doing the job God gave me to do.

You found my photo blog. Click here for the everydayMOM blog.


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